Is the message on your LinkedIn profile crystal clear?

Do you wish that you had a place to slowly perfect your profile?

While the LinkedIn profile is powerful, there is no draft function. Every small change is made live immediately. If you don’t have time to update your profile all at once, you’re stuck with people seeing a live profile that is partially complete and isn’t the message you want to present.

Do you wish that you could get feedback on the profile BEFORE  it’s live?

Right now, the only way to get feedback and editing in confidence is to shuffle a Word document back and forth via email or make it visible to all.

Do you wish there was a FREE resource to privately update your profile?

With the Crystal Clear Buzz LinkedIn Profile Perfector, you have a free, private application that will pull your existing LinkedIn profile data into our forms, allow you to craft your new profile message over as much time as you want, AND share links to the draft profile to others to review in confidence. Once you’re ready to go live on LinkedIn, simply copy and paste the content from our fields into LinkedIn.

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